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Silk Tissue Black or White

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Silk Tissue Fabric – 3.5mm – very fine silk fabric – ideal for nuno felting.  Please note this fabric always comes with minor flaws in it – it is natural for silk to have some irregularities in it – these minor flaws are in no way to be considered  defective – like wise, some rolls will tear across the weave quite easily – others need to have a thread pulled out then cut along the pulled thread line. The letters ‘mm’ mean momme – which is the unit of measurement used to describe the weight of silk – the higher the number – the heavier silk weight fabric.

Sold in ‘boiled off white’ and ‘dyed black’ – the black always looses some dye – if you are concerned about this you will need to wash the fabric first.  Dyed lengths in all sizes are available from time to time depending on shop stock – please contact us to find what is currently available.

Cut Lengths available are: 

By the metre – 112cm wide approx. (varies slightly from roll to roll) note – minimum cut is 1 metre.