Natural Perceptions Photography By Steve Hart 


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I have always been a keen on photography, right from my 1st camera, a fold out Agfa, which I still have. My first modern camera a Pentax Spotmatic with a 1.4 lens really got me hooked, bought 2nd hand for the massive sum of £200 40years ago, so some prices have come down, all mechanical and still going strong.

 I'm a Canon man now and a big believer in the Image Stabilization technology now used in their lenses. My favourite is probably the 100-400IS lens which worked extremely well photographing Albatross in flight from a boat.
 For a number of years after leaving Uni, work seemed to get in the way, but the priorities came back eventually and now Photography is work, or is it the other way round? Anyway work is a four letter word and probably not appropriate, it sounds too much like a chore and that is far from the case.
 I enjoy and undertake most forms of photography but my real passion is Nature Photography, and although I cannot claim to be an expert Naturalist my knowledge and understanding is expanding all the time. Getting close enough to obtain good images without disturbing your subject is rarely easy, but sometimes just being there and sharing the moment is reward enough for the effort involved and good pictures are a bonus. If you do not enjoy and have a passion for your subject, you are unlikely to get good images. (Perhaps that is why I don't do weddings).


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