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When it comes to Japanese folk embroidery, Sashiko uses a running stitch to create a background with a pattern. ‘Sashiko’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘little stabs’ or ‘little pierce’. Continuous lines also characterise the Sashiko patterns.

Use a Double Fabric Layer

Typical Sashiko patterns range from ordinary geometric forms to pampas grass, arrow feathers, bamboo, mountains, and even waves. A good tip with Sashiko stitching is to use a double fabric layer. Thus, the ends of the thread lengths are concealed between the layers, and your embroidery now has two usable sides. However if you use a Hana Fukin pattern the stitching should go through both layers.

Crafty or Wot has a range of Sashiko embroidery kits. We are often asked how to transfer a sashiko pattern onto the fabric. The quickest and most accurate way is simply to use carbon paper.

Choose the Best Thread

For the best outcome, you have to choose the right thread. We recommend traditional Sashiko cotton thread on skeins. You can use Perle cotton but we would not recommend this. Why not get in touch with our friendly team to learn more about the fascinating world of Sashiko panels and patterns?