SILK (Hand Dyed)

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We offer two kinds of silk - Mulberry Silk and Tussah Silk - both of which take dye very well. 

Mulberry silk is regarded as the ‘Queen’ of all silks – it comes from the Bombyx Mori silk moth – the caterpillars of which are fed solely on hand picked mulberry leaves - hence the higher price for mulberry silk products.  The silk fibre is very white, long, shiny, and fine.

Tussah silk is produced by wild silk moths that feed on a variety of foods including leaves with tannins in them, which in turn means they produce a honey coloured silk, when bleached it is still a creamy colour, with not as much sheen as the mulberry silk, but is still excellent to use and also tends to have a bit more texture in the individual fibres. 

Please Note – all the silk products are dyed by hand in small batches – there are variations from batch to batch so colour reproduction from one batch to the other will differ.  All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure as much dye residue as possible is rinsed out, but please wash dark colours separately.