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Quilting Rulers for Maximum Accuracy

If you need to design, cut, or measure fabric for quilting, quilting rulers from Crafty or Wot are ideal. We also stock other crafting supplies in NZ for other hobbies you might want to pursue.

Precision Cutting When You Need It

Quilting rulers are ideal for precision cutting to ensure you cut your quilting fabric shape or line accurately. The cardinal quilting rule is accuracy, which we also consider when we stock our quilting supplies.

Whether you’re an expert quilter or a beginner, our craft accessories will help you on your journey.

Be as Accurate as Possible

So how do you use quilting rulers? Remember that the markings are either in degrees or inches. Make sure that the quilting ruler is aligned with the edge of the fabric at the point where you need it. Then take a rotary cutter and simply cut using the ruler edge to guide you. If you want to learn more about quilting or craft accessories, contact Crafty or Wot.