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Top Quilting Notions You Need in Your Sewing Kit

What does a quilter need in their sewing kit to get the most out of every project? Essential and practical quilting notions. We have an extensive collection of notions for beginners wanting to fill a kit with tools and experienced quilters looking to replace well-used accessories.

What to Include in Your Collection

You can complete many projects and crafts without delay with the ideal tools. Scissors, rotary cutters, fabric pens, safety pins, and seam rippers are some accessories you need in your sewing kit.

However, our list of other notions you should include in your craft collection contains the following:

  • Marking chalk / Pens 
  • Thimbles
  • A magnifying lens
  • Fabric glue
  • Replacement rotary blades
  • Ground emery
  • Pencil removal spray

Where to Buy Quilting Notions in NZ

We supply a wide range of accessories and quilting notions for sewers so you can find the perfect tool to complete your project. Our online store and prompt order processing mean you can enjoy the convenience of quick and efficient delivery wherever you live in New Zealand.