Love the Colour, Feel the Difference With Cottage Garden Threads

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Hand-dyed, cotton-variegated strands can make any project a joy to complete. Cottage Garden threads containing soft premium cotton are perfect for New Zealanders wanting to enhance their stitching as it has a low knotting rate and high sheen.

Hand-Dyed, Pre-Cut Threads in NZ

The hand-dyed nature of Cottage Garden threads makes them stand out from other brands. You can easily add interest to your project with the threads’ short colour changes and flawless blends. Each pack contains ten metres of yarn pre-cut into 50-centimetre strands. For stitching convenience and consistency, the same colour appears at each end for seamless embroidering.

Browse Cottage Garden Threads for NZ Crafts

You’ll have fun searching our understated Cottage Garden threads colour blend selection. However, as the skeins are hand dyed, and batch colours may vary, we recommend buying more than enough thread for your project to avoid slight colour differences. These strands also come in convenient packaging, as you can readily untwist the skein, separate the short strands, and select your perfect thread colour.