The picture is a completed Waterfall panel and Autumn Sky panel each with an additional quilted border for display These 2 worked sample panels are for sale to shop visitors only at $150 each

These can be stitched traditionally using white or ecru Sashiko threads – or make it totally unique by using coloured & variegated threads.  Use it for a wall hanging / table runner / large cushion cover or centre panel in a quilt.  May be stitch 2 for a lovely pair of curtains…?

Please do not iron the fabric before stitching the design or the lines could become permanent!

When stitching always leave a little slack when turning direction or moving across to another line – likewise leave a little loop on the back if you are stitching a long line stitches every so often – this all helps to reduce the puckering of the fabric.   Finish the raw edges if you haven’t already done so, before washing the lines out in warm soapy water, rinse, and press on the wrong side when nearly dry.

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