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Exciting Quilt Patterns

Want to test your sewing skills with a fabric bag? Ready to make a statement with a wall hanging? Looking for the perfect homemade gift for a friend? Discover our range of quilt patterns online.

Easy Fabric Patterns

Quilt patterns are ideal when you want to take the guesswork out of your project or set yourself a new challenge. Whether you’re making a cute cot quilt for a new baby or a large colourful blanket for your bed, we have a range of patchwork fabrics in different patterns and styles.

Patchwork Patterns for Any Skill Level

We provide detailed descriptions of our quilt patterns, making it easy for you to select a project that matches your skill level. Each pattern also has a list of materials, so stock up from our shop before starting your sewing project.

Exceptional Customer Service

Crafty or Wot is dedicated to exceptional customer service and quality products. While we may stock a small range of quilting patterns for immediate delivery, we are continuously on the lookout for new and exciting craft patterns. Be sure to keep checking our collection for new products.