Olympus Fine 80m

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Brand new product from Olympus Thread Japan.

This is a fine Sashiko Thread on an 80mt ball - in the same colours as most of the solid 20mt & 100mt skeins.  Ideal if you wanted fine details as well as thicker lines in a project using the same colour eg White - #1 in the 20mt - #101 in the 100mt - & #201 in the 80mt fine ball.

Suitable for all Sashiko stitching - especially the Hitomezashi - One Stitch Sashiko, but could also be used for hand stitching in Quilting, Boro Stitching, even Black-work.  Could be also be used double for another effect.  1 x 80mt ball used singly should be enough to stitch a Hitomezashi Hana Fukin with a bit spare.