Sashiko Tulip Needles

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Tulip Sashiko Needles – these are like the Rolls Royce of Sashiko needles – they can’t be seen by the naked eye but they have tiny grooves running down the shaft to improve the ease of passing through the fabric with your thread.  Highly polished steel with a sharp point, they are strong and warp resistant.  The needles are packed in a corked tube to store them safely, presented in a lovely little gift box.

Assorted Short -  6 needles per box - .84 x 45.5mm x 2 of

                                                            .91 x 42.9mm x 2 of

                                                            .84 x 36.4mm x 2 of 

NOTE Needles – Sashiko needles have been highly polished, with a very sharp point, by the manufacturers – please don’t use them with pincushions containing emery or crushed walnut shell – it is counterproductive!