OLFA RTY-4 18mm rotor cutter

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18mm Rotory Cutter

  • Designed by OLFA for use in intricate and detailed cutting, this 18mm cutter / knife is one-of-a-kind. After product testing with quilting, sewing and craft instructors, this cutter scored an A+. Perfect for curved piece quilting, applique, trimming seams, template cutting, scrapbooking and miniature quilting. Also accommodates Olfa's 18mm perforation blade for template cutting, ticket-making and scrapbook designs. Easy blade change for safety and efficiency. Perfect for use in travel. Easily accommodates both right and left-handed users. Handle Guaranteed Forever. Uses replacement blades RB18-2

    • Durable straight handle
    • Smallest OLFA rotary cutter
    • Features a stainless steel 18mm rotary blade
    • Blade cover for safety

    Good ForCuts fabric, paper, film and more. Perfect for intricate and detailed cutting fabric and paper, this one-of-a-kind Olfa cutter is designed for a number of applications.