December Newsletter 2021


Last newsletter for 2021...wonder what 2022 will bring?      

Iris Sweet Musette

Product Discontinuation – Ashford are no longer stocking their
Scarlet Dye – due to supply issues –
so if you need some….time to stock up!

Sorry – another price rise is on the way –
Olympus Thread Manufacturing have notified us
that as from February all their threads will increase in price. 
We currently have good stocks of them –
so if you want to build up your stash –
now is the time, as the prices will have to increase when
we place our next order! 
Apparently the price of cotton has gone up –
along with, nowadays …shipping!

We will be at the Mid Summer Quilts Exhibition -
as a Merchant – 20th , 21st & 22nd January
@ the Tasman Bible Church
Hope to see you there! 
Should be a great Exhibition - as usual!

‘Drop In Sessions’ are still on the go
Mondays & Thursdays – 10am – 12pm & 1pm – 3pm –
cost $20 per session – tea & coffee available.
Trudy is on hand if you need help with your projects,
but will still have to serve customers.
If you just want some 'time out' from every day things to have
a chat & cuppa & work on a project -
you are also more than welcome.

Class Details – please note -
booking details for all classes.

Phone bookings can be made - 03 544 7832 –
but as class numbers are always limited -
 a deposit is required to secure your place. 
Deposit will vary from class to class –
depending on the final costs.
Or book your place on our web site 
Deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or are a no show
& we are unable to fill your place but refundable in full
if we have to cancel. 
Please Note - We will reschedule the classes –
as a lot of preparation goes into running a class
and it is such a shame if all that effort was to no avail.

Tea & Coffee is available, but please bring your lunch.

Quilt As You Go’ Beginners Quilting Classes are currently Full
Due to the popularity – they WILL be repeated in 2022! 
Watch out for the details in the next newsletter!

  6 x 12"  Patchwork Blocks made over 6 classes using the
'Quilt As You Go' technique to make a cosy lap quilt or
quilted table cloth if you do all 6.  If you wish - you can do
just 1 or 2...they could be cushion fronts / placemats /
tote bag fronts...  
The 6 different blocks will cover a range of
patchwork & quilting techniques -
including an applique session.

 Boro Inspired Purse (with a touch of Sashiko) Class
29th January 2022 

10am start - prompt – 4pm approx. finish.
Tutor - Christine Hart
Maximum of 8 students
Kit included in the cost of the workshop –
Cost $55 per person inclusive. 
Phone bookings can be made 03 544 7832 but
Deposit to secure your place is $20 please

Or book your place on our web site

Bring a basic sewing kit with you
(thread for tacking / needles / pins / scissors).
All fabrics, Sashiko thread, and 2 Sashiko needles
will be included in your kit to stitch a small purse. 
You will also stitch a sample piece of preprinted Sashiko fabric -
which could be included in your Boro Purse!
Final construction will have to be completed later
due to time constraints.
(Zip will be inserted - ready for your Boro Stitching).
Students will be given a brief history of Sashiko & Boro Stitching,
before learning how to deal with the skeins of Sashiko Threads
(especially useful for the 100mt skeins!) 
How to stitch Sashiko economically, so as not to waste
too much thread, plus lots of other
tips and tricks to stitch your work.
Tea & Coffee will be available but please bring your lunch.

Beginners Embroidery Class
Saturday 26th February

10am start - prompt – 4pm approx. finish.
Tutor - Christine Hart
Maximum of 8 students
Kit included in the cost of the workshop –
Cost $60 per person inclusive. 
Phone bookings can be made 03 544 7832 but
Deposit to secure your place is $20 please

Or book your place on our web site
Deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or are a no show,
and we are unable to fill your place, but refundable in full if
we have to cancel for any unexpected reason.
Using a piece of black & white Designer Fabric –
‘Illustrations’ by Alli K – students will learn a number of embroidery stitches
to transform the fabric to colour! 
A practice piece will be stitched first to learn the
embroidery stitches used, before delving into the printed fabric. 
All threads, fabrics, needles and a bound embroidery hoop
will be provided in the kit. 
The finished result could be mounted permanently
in the hoop
(I painted the hoop with red acrylic paint after the embroidery
was finished) or mounted on a canvas block…used as the front of a cushion…
even as part of a garment!
Tea & Coffee will be available but please bring your lunch.
New for 2022 - Sashiko Block of the Month! 
This will be launched at the
Mid Summer Quilts Exhibition

Limited Numbers.
Sneak preview of one of the Blocks…

Ashford large ticket items
Because we can get these within a couple of days we are no
longer planning to keep these items in stock.
We have the following 4 items at 30% below the list price,
and with a price rise due the 1st of January -
these are seriously good specials!
These prices are only avaliable to our Newsletter Readers
and there is only 1 of each.
Pick up from the shop.
List price $749 - Newsletter price only $510
The most popular spinning wheel in the world.
Why is it so popular?
The separate drive band and bobbin brake adjustment is
easy to understand and simple to operate.
The bobbins are quick and easy to change.
Scotch tension and 4 speed flyer allow for a wide variety of yarn to be spun.
Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect
alignment with the 4 speed whorl.
Ball bearings and large 56cm (22ins) wheel makes treadling
smooth and effortless and easy to maintain a steady speed.
The wide legs give good stability especially when speed spinning.
The treadle is pivoted to allow a comfortable heel-toe action.
Lazy Kate and 4 bobbins included.
The many optional accessories make this an extremely versatile wheel.

- proven design for over 40 years
- large 56cm (22ins) wheel
- robust
- versatile
LIST PRICE $649 Newsletter Price $455
Make unique blends for art yarn
The Wild carder has been specifically designed for
today's fabulous,fun and funky art yarns.
The extra long 72 point teeth allow you to include differing fibres,
fabric, ribbons, feathers, paper and novelties to create unique blends.
The packer brush is adjustable and will control fine, low-crimp fibres
and increase the size of the batt.
The drum clearance is also adjustable which allows you to
set the teeth distance for total control of your fibre.
All nylon bearings ensure it is light and easy to turn.
The card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating
and a flexible rubber backing for long life.
The doffer and cleaning brush are stored on the carder.
The carder is strong but lightweight with hand hold for easy carrying.
The carder has rubber feet to prevent it slipping.
It comes assembled and lacquered ready to use.
LIST PRICE $1050 - Newsletter Price only $735
Popular because they are portable, easy to use and so versatile,
the Ashford table looms are in demand with both
beginner and experienced weavers.
The four shaft looms fold flat, even with your weaving in place,
making them ideal for taking to workshops or guild meetings.
The overhead beater for best weaving shed,
with automatic bounce back, gives a wonderful shed and even beating.
Levers are within easy reach for comfortable weaving.
Each shaft can be lifted simply and quickly and is independent
enabling a wide variety of patterns to be woven.
The solid Silver Beech hard wood is lacquered for long-lasting good looks.
Non-slip rubber feet give extra stability. Swedish stainless steel reed and
lightweight Texsolv heddles are included.
Plus there is a wide range of options and accessories available.
finish lacquered
assembly required
weight 9kg (20lb)
weaving width 60cm (24")
included accessories - 10dpi (40/10) stainless steel reed
- 2 x lacquered shuttles: 56cm (22")
- threading hook
- cross and warp sticks
- 480 swedish texsolv heddles:
- step-by-step instruction booklet
LIST PRICE $1190 - Newsletter Price only $833
The Katie Loom is the perfect multi harness loom for workshops, sampling, travel and fun.

The Katie Loom comes assembled and lacquered.

Includes: 2 lacquered 36cm (14ins) shuttles, 10 dpi stainless steel reed,
320 texsolv heddles, threading hooks, step-by-step instruction booklet
and sturdy padded carry bag. Just add yarn!
finish lacquered
assembly assembled
weight 6.5kg (14¼lb)
weaving width 30cm (12")
included accessories - 10dpi (40/10) stainless steel reed
- 2 x lacquered shuttles 36cm (14")
- threading hook
- cross and warp sticks
- 320 swedish texsolv heddles
- step-by-step instruction booklet
- sturdy padded carry bag

Christmas & New Year Closing Dates
We will be closed 25th December & 1st January –
open as normal the rest of the time!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
From Steve, Christine & Trudy. 
Thank you for your support throughout the year…. & remember…
“You never know what you have got – ‘till it’s gone!”