Unique Fabric Panels for Quilting

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Our beautiful, quality fabric panels are perfect for quilting. They can save you time and make light work of your quilting gift or home décor without compromising style.

Express Your Creativity

Quilting panels are an ideal way to showcase your creativity with minimal effort. These panels are also suitable for beginner quilters as it means you can reduce the number of blocks you need to stitch together. Our fabric panels at Crafty or Wot come in many sizes and images so that you can find the ideal theme for your stunning artwork.

Wide Range of Uses

You can use our general panels for various projects. You can expand your skills or try something new such as uncomplicated wall hangings, tote bags, toys, fabric books, and more. Our online store boasts clear and detailed photos, so you can readily choose bright and bold colours, pastel hues, traditional images, or fun picture panels.

Fun Quilting Panels

We’re passionate about providing quilters throughout New Zealand with quality fabric panels. Our extensive range and online store make selecting your perfect image and style effortless.