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Tussah Silk Ribbon

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Tussah Silk Ribbon – approx. 2mm in width (it is a bit stretchy by the nature of its weave).  Again it can be used in felting, weaving, knitting, silk paper, embroidery and so on.

Random Dyed Colour Range, but due to the creamy base colour, dyed colours are more subtle than Mulberry Range.  Again, sold in skeins of approx. 5gms weight and 16mts length.

Unfortunately due to continuing rises in the price of silk products - we are unable to absorb these rises any longer - hence the decrease in length of skeins & the rise in prices.

Some old stock is still available at the old Price $4.20. sold in skeins of approx. 5gms weight and 16mts length. (while stock last ).

NEW stock price is $5.20 and the skeins are approx 2.5gms weight and 8mts long.

As old stock is used up all new stock will be in the smaller skeins & increased in Price

Our Apologies - the international price of silk is out of our control