Sashiko Fabric Sakizomemomen - S256A Per m

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S256A Sashiko Sakizomemomen Fabric Per m

100% cotton.

Sashiko pattern is woven into the ecru coloured fabric with a thicker blue thread – Persimmon Flower One Stitch (kakinohanazashi hitomezashi).  The smaller unstitched squares – 4cm approx. could be further embellished with your own touches – applique / different sashiko motifs etc.  You could extend the Persimmon Flower Stitch design along some of the straight stitch bands to join up with the next woven design part or you could weave further designs into the straight stitches.  The fabric is ideal for use in making bags, cushions, panels in quilts…. Whatever your imagination can come up with!   (Because it is a bit different....)

Size – 110cm Wide approx.