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Ashford Warping Sticks Cardboard

Regular price $5.30

Tax included.

Avaliable Sizes

WSC25- 27.8cm (10.9”) for the sampleit loom 25cm (10”)
WSC3- 37cm (14.5”) for the knitters loom 30cm (12”)
WSC4- 44cm (17.3”) for the rigid heddle loom 40cm (16”)
WSC4S- 41cm (16.4”) for the sampleit loom 40cm (16”)
WSC5- 57cm (22.5”) for the knitters loom 50cm (20”)
WSC6- 64cm (25.2”) for the rigid heddle loom 60cm (24”)
WSC7- 77cm (30.3”) for the knitters loom 70cm (28”)
WSC8- 84cm (33”) for the rigid heddle loom 80cm (32”)