Ashford Carding

Ashford Carding


Crafty or Wot are Official Ashford stockists

Everything in this catagory is drop shipped direct to your door from Ashford

Please Ensure your cart only contains items from the Ashord Direct catagories

We have some smaller Items we can supply from stock such as some knitting wools etc these are also listed under Ashford Stock or relevent sections ie:- Knitting


NOTE we also have a retail outlet where you can seek personal advise. and prepaid orders placed in person will include any internet offers so you get the best of both worlds

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Ashford Blending Board
Ashford Blending Board Blend fabulous fibres in your favourite colours and create beautiful rolag..
Ex Tax: $182.61
Ashford Wide Drum Carder
wide drum carder   - 30 cm (12ins) width - Produces a massive 100gm (3½oz) batt ..
Ex Tax: $682.61
Ashford Wild carder
Wild Carder Make unique blends for art yarn - adjustable packer brush - extra long 72ppsi teeth..
Ex Tax: $534.78
Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush
Drum Carder Packer Brush Adjustable packer brush to smooth, control and pack more fibres ont..
Ex Tax: $64.78
Ashford Drum Carder Cleaning Brush
Drum Carder Cleaning Brush Ideal for cleaning fibres from the drums. The medium 72 point cloth ha..
Ex Tax: $30.35
Ashford Drum Carder Doffer RRP $23.50
Drum Carder Doffer The pointy thing in front of the carder used to remove your fibre bat! ..
Ex Tax: $20.43
Drum Carder Drive Band Fits Regular and Wild drum carders ..
Ex Tax: $15.87
Ashford Flick Carder 72 PPSI
Flick Carder First carder This is your first carder for preparing individual staples of fleece w..
Ex Tax: $22.17
Ashford Hand Carders Standard
Hand Carders Standard Comfortable round handle. Choose fine 72 point or superfine 108 point. ..
Ex Tax: $63.04
Ashford Hand Carders Small
Hand Carders Smaller, lightweight carders with comfortable round handle. Choose fine 72 point or ..
Ex Tax: $53.48
Ashford Hand Carders Student
Strong moulded 1 piece plywood bat. Fine 72 point. portable blend and card stainless steel..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Clamps for Ashford Products Pair ..
Ex Tax: $14.35
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